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Advertising Policies and Practices

AdBlockers And Their Effect On MMORPG.com

Our latest logs show that between 30-40% of users visiting MMORPG.com are running some sort of AdBlock plugin in their browsers.

Since we rely on impression based advertising for our revenues and adhere to the strict advertising policies we've created for ourselves this has a drastic effect on our ability to maintain this site to the highest standards possible.

In order to allow us to continue doing what we love and providing our users with free MMO specific content we respectfully ask that you whitelist MMORPG.com in your AdBlock plugin.

Our Advertising Practices Explained

MMORPG.com is a website 100% supported by advertising sales. We do not charge our users for any kind of content or premium level access. We believe strongly in keeping the site open and equally free to all members and visitors.

We use this revenue to pay employee salaries, cover the large industry shows, provide quality and timely content and keep a large hardware infrastructure running.

While we depend on advertising to survive, we also have very strict policies to make sure that the user experience is kept as high as possible and not to annoy our community.

Advertisements We Don't Run

  • Pop-Up Ads

    A window that forcefully pops up on top of your browser with advertising or another website.
  • Pop-Under Ads

    Like a pop-up window but it appears behind your browser waiting for you when you eventually close your browser.
  • Interstitial Ads

    A page users are forced to view, usually with a large ad either on their first visit to a website or every so often during your stay.
  • Expanding Banners

    This is usually a flash interactive banner that expands outside its normal size when hovered over or all on its own. Some extra annoying versions of this can have objects moving around the web page and be very tricky to close.
  • Auto-Play Audio Banners

    This is an advertisement that starts playing audio without the users consent. We only allow ads that have a clearly marked "audio" icon that starts in mute mode and requires the user to click to activate sound.
  • Virtual Currency / Powerleveling Services

    We do not allow advertising related to the sale of virtual currency or powerleveling services that violate the EULA of any video game.

Advertisements We Do Run

  • Standard Banner Ads

    This is an ad unit that is embedded as part of the webpage content. Our ad sizes are: 300x250, 160x600, 728x90, 468x60 and 200x200. Ads can be static (JPG or GIF) or interactive/video (Adobe Flash).
  • Background Skins

    This is where the background of our page is themed to a particular game and the top center portion is clickable to the sponsors' link much like a banner ad. Note that we do not allow skins that are clickable on the sides of the page. We feel that this also annoys our users as they normally use this area to "set focus" on the browser or out of a page form element.
  • Newsletter / Daily Digest Ads

    These are paid static banners in our weekly newsletter and daily digest emails.
  • Video Pre-Rolls

    This is a short video "commercial" that appears before a video or during a live streaming broadcast.
  • Non-Linear Video Ad

    An overlay ad that runs while a video is playing showing text and/or images.

Sponsored Content

What is Sponsored Content at MMORPG? In its simplest form, sponsored content is a post or article an advertiser pays to have featured prominently on the site. We will never post content that is defamatory, self-aggrandizing, or blatantly false. All sponsored posts must go through both the Advertising and Editorial teams on the site and approved before going live. Sponsored posts can be news articles, videos, or even previews of new content. But you will not see opinion-based content as sponsored content, you will not see sponsored or paid reviews, and you will not see anything we believe is cheap or not worth our readers' time. In short, think of sponsored content as informational posts that companies wish to get in front of more eyes than a regular post which quickly fades from the front page. Our goal is to make sure sponsored content remains both informational and ethical, and we will make sure you always know when you're reading something that's been sponsored.