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Indie MMO Spotlight: Post-Apocalyptic Street Racing

This week was filled with the usual stuff - devblogs, testing sessions, and Fntastic assuring us they are really making a game.

Indie MMO Spotlight: 100 Weeks Of Indie MMO News And Counting

The Indie MMO Spotlight Celebrates 100 weeks of Indie Coverage with this week's news!

Indie MMO Spotlight:  Fractured But Whole

This week, Fractured Online has opened data migration, Corepunk is filled with bots, but in a good way, and Emily is still struggling with her time in Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore.

Elder Scrolls Online: Exploring Tamriel - Malabal Tor and The Hound

Players in the Elder Scrolls Online can experience the game's chapters in any order they choose at any level. Each year Kevin starts a new character to do just that. In Part Five, parts of Malabal Tor and the Bosmer are under siege in more ways than one.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Launch Troubles Abound

This week, Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore and Mad World are still struggling with launch issues, Nightingale delays Early Access again, and co-op MMOs BitCraft and Palia prepare for more testing sessions.

Indie MMO Spotlight: The Sky's The Limit

It was a pretty quiet week for the indie MMO universe. Zenith's VR rival, Ilysia, is still having issues with their account system, Anvil Empires keeps chugging through Pre-Alpha tests, and more.

Do You Want MMORPGs to Get Rid of Consumables? | OGR

Do MMORPGs really need consumables, and if not, should they rid themselves of consumables altogether? In this week's One Good Roll Steven weighs in on his feelings about consumables.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Take My Money, Please. But Not Twice!

This week, Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore has double trouble with launch issues, Zenith opens up a Beta server for its upcoming patch, and Ravendawn prepares for full voice acting.

Exploring Tamriel: The Wilderking of Greenshade

Players in the Elder Scrolls Online can experience the game's chapters in any order they choose at any level. Each year Kevin starts a new character to do just that. In Part Four, he ventures into the Greenshade to face the trails of the Wilderking.

Indie MMO Spotlight: More Playtest First Impressions

This week, MMORPG.com writer Nick Shively continues to check out indie MMOs, and Ralph Whitmore takes a crack at Ember Sword.

How Much Does Population Size Matter in MMOs? | OGR

Does population size really matter? Steven weighs in on whether actual player numbers on a server are still key for MMOs, or if perceptual player numbers are more important.

Indie MMO Spotlight: Nick Talks Playtests

This week, our own Nick Shively shared his experiences with the Ember Sword and Ravendawn playtests, City of Titans shows off some of its updated zones, and Headstart access starts for Mad World.

The Quest for the Perfect Group Size | OGR

In this week's One Good Roll, Steven took a look at an aspect of MMORPGs that often comes under scrutiny - What is the ideal group size?

PAX East 2023: Final Fantasy XIV Panel Highlights

The Final Fantasy XIV Panel was one of the things Robin was looking forward to seeing at PAX East this year the most, and it didn't disappoint at all. Here are some of the highlights from the panel itself, after a bit of time to let the details marinate.

World of Warcraft: For The First Time, Noblegarden Was Fun

Robin hasn't participated in a world event in a while, but this year's Noblegarden drew her back in. And surprisingly, she actually had fun this time.