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    Unreal Engine
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    Koza Games
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    Q2 2023
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Edenbrawl Overview

Edenbrawl, formerly Circuits and Shields, combines the action combat of a brawler with the endless depth of a MOBA to create a “Mobrawler”, a unique experience that grips you match 1 and keeps you engaged at match 10,000. With intense WASD skill-based combat, unique champion playstyles, streamlined player agency, and tactical game modes, Edenbrawl creates an addicting multiplayer experience where no match is like the last.

It is a new take in a world of MOBA clones and generic gameplay, taking the knowledge gained from over a decade of MOBA design and improving it in every aspect. Edenbrawl both simplifies and enhances familiar concepts like items, stats, and skills, making it a great fit for both new players and MOBA veterans alike. Players choose from a colorful cast of champions and battle it out in a variety of unique arenas where no game is like the last. Edenbrawl is being indie developed by “Koza Games” on Unreal Engine 4.

What is Edenbrawl?

The perfect combination of Battlerite-esque combat, FIFA-like teamwork, and traditional MOBA progression systems, Edenbrawl is a unique new game mode that brings high-speed action and creative teamwork to the forefront. Players must worrk together to carry and capture the ball in the enemy team's endzone, whether that's through brute teamfighting force or through precision positioning and passing.

What makes it different?

Edenbrawl puts a unique spin on the MOBA combat formula with high-speed WASD movement and a multitude of skill-based abilities, all with varying methods of outplay potential. Choose your role between Vanguard, Assault, or Support, and contribute to your team's success.1

The Champions

From a peaceful, flower-loving Fabled who accidently becomes the Grim Reaper to an acrobatic broom-wielding Machina obsessed only with cleaning (and aptly named 'Jan Itor'), Eden is full of deep characters, each with their own elaborate backstory that fits into the world at large. These dynamic personalities are combined with unique spells and champion kits to create unforgettable champions that you'll be itching to play again.