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Steam's Next Fest Starts June 19th - Here's 10 Games You Should Try

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It felt like almost yesterday we were chain-gaming demos from Steam’s Next Fest. Now that the dust has settled on the Summer Game Fest and the rest of the exciting game shows, it’s time to prepare for the Steam’s Summer Next Fest, and we’ve created a short list of games you definitely should try from June 19th through the 26th.


If you’re a PvP fan, you probably won’t find too many games as frantic and impactful as the 16 vs 16 battles in Nexon’s Warhaven. The game will release as Free to Play and have six different classes to choose from. You’ll need to work together with your teammates to defeat your opponents through strategic and complementary tactics.

The trailer obviously makes the game look amazing, and the skills and combat seem to have a weighty feel to them, which will certainly add to the hardcore nature of this PvP-centered action MOG. If you’re interested in learning more before jumping into the game, check out last year’s interview with Game Director Eunseok Yi.


Roguelike games are making some great strides with new game types. In Voidborn, you’ll take on the role of – your guessed it – a Voidborn, in a visceral FPS roguelike game. While the game is strictly single player, this makes the list because the game has been described as the “gameplay from Doom and  Ultrakill with roguelike elements inspired by Hades and Risk of Rain 2, set in a world inspired by Dark Souls and Elden Ring.”

That’s a lot of amazing games to take inspiration from, and even if developer Xekvera manages to fulfill half of that inspiration, it’s going to be a ton of fun. Luckily the trailer depicts some rough and tumble combat, so definitely check it out if fast-paces combat and roguelike progression is your thing.

Hammerwatch 2

I love a little pixelated pandemonium and Hammerwatch 2 looks to fit that bill alongside some great team-based RPG gameplay. You’ll be able to choose from 5 different classes, a Wizard, a Ranger, a Rogue, a Paladin and a Warlock. You’ll customize your pixelated avatar and then team up with up to 3 additional players to form a party and venture forth into the world to do some good.

In addition to the core game, Hammerwatch 2 is going to launch with full mod support, so you’ll be able to create your own levels and experience new adventures that others create.

Urbano – Legends Debut

Urbano by developer Barosa is a little different. It’s a little quirky. It’s a little musical. But those are just some of the reasons you’ll want to give this Rhythm Battle RPG a try. In Urbano you’ll take the guise of legend hunter Vallo as you play out a story with branching choices. The relationships you make in the game will  fundamentally change how things turn out in the end of this single-player game. The art in Urbano is also a unique anime inspired style that is appealing and doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes the game seem like a fun diversion.

While you’re out hunting supernatural creatures and dodging ne’er-do-wells, you probably won’t be too surprised to find that the main selling point here is going to be the rhythmic gameplay which is rare for an RPG to begin with. So if you’re looking for something a little new, give Urbano a shot during Next Fest.


Coreborn is an open world social survival MMO-lite by Blankhans. In Coreborn you’ll join up with your friends in Tormentosia where you’ll create your own town, and battle together in a PvE-centric adventure. You’ll be tasked with collecting resources, building defenses, and aiding your fellow players to rescue the land from its dark, dangerous inhabitants. Coreborn boasts hundreds of crafting recipes to learn so you can master your chosen professions. Coreborn is also classless, which means that you’ll want to create your own class by the weapons you create and the skills you choose.

As Coreborn is a survival game, you’ll certainly need to manage your hunger, and ensure you don’t freeze to death out there in the harsh world. Luckily you won’t have to do it alone, as there will be other players that inhabit the land along with you, so you can work together to stay alive with up to 25 other players during Coreborn’s Open beta, which begins on the 19th during Next Fest. During your adventure, you’ll also be able to visit the social hub -- the sprawling city of Coreheim -- where you can meet players from other servers, and trade your wares with them. Coreborn will release into Early Access July 18th, so you’ll definitely want to try this one out during Next Fest.


You probably don’t think of survival games as being “cozy” but developer Cyberwave believes their game Solarpunk is exactly that. In Solarpunk you’ll be tasked to survive in a technologically advanced world, where you’ll have to utilize the power of advanced technology to build, gather resources, grow plants, and you’ll even need to build yourself an airship to make your way to the multitude of floating islands scattered throughout the world. What makes this game “cozy” is the lack of enemies you’ll encounter – that is to say, there aren’t any. The team wishes to focus on survival elements that aren’t dependent on battling to stay alive.

Of course, survival means nothing if you don’t have anyone to survive with, so take your relaxing survival game to the next level by inviting some of your cherished friends along to play with you.  Create a small fleet of airships or tackle building a larger settlement. Either way, this will be a survival game unlike any other, so if you’re looking for survival that’s full of exploration without the fighting, check out Solarpunk. It’s also important to note that Solarpunk just recently exceeded their funding goals on Kickstarter, indicating that they will continue their development long after their Demo ends from Next Fest.

Sovereign Syndicate

Victorian. Steampunk. Tarot Cards. Need I say more? Probably a little more might be helpful. Sovereign Syndicate is a cRPG that does away with the dice rolls in favor of a tarot card system. That means your fate lies in the cards, and of course, your choices. While the game is a single-player RPG, the Victorian steampunk setting is unique, and only adds to the back-alley charm that rocketed this game to tens of thousands of players wishlisting the game on Steam ahead of Next Fest.

The game boasts three different characters, with an intertwining story, a large open world, and in depth character customization, so your choices and how you build your character will be distinctly you. The game also offers a hardcore mode for those that are looking for some relaxing gameplay with random bouts of yelling and crying.


Level Infinite, the publisher behind popular games like Tower of Fantasy is bringing us a new online game developed by NExT Studios called Synced. In this futuristic online co-op game, you’re going to need to bring your A-game and your trigger finger, as you take on some dastardly robots that have devastated the world. You will become a Runner, a person that can control the “Nanos” that run wild throughout the world. You’ll head into battle as part of a 3-person squad, where each match will require quick thinking and new strategies.

Synced also has a solo mode that will allow you to go it alone without the rest of your squad and take on some of these challenges on your own. The game will feature both PvE and PvP encounters during Next Fest, and there will be ample customization options so you can build out a Runner that adheres to your preferred playstyle. Synced plans to release later this year.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

If you’re a fan of tactical strategy RPG’s like XCOM then you might be into checking out the new demo from developer Trese Brothers, for their Cyberpunk style Heist RPG. The game will feature 6 different crew members, and you’ll need to create a cohesive strategy that includes cover mechanics, stealth, and cybernetics to pull off your next big heist. Within the games tactical gameplay, there will also be stories to uncover and missions to choose from.

Trese Brothers has built Cyber Knights: Flashpoint with cyberpunk pen and paper RPGs in mind, crafting an intricate set of experiences to immerse players within the world. With tactical RPGs seemingly few and far between, especially where indie games are concerned, Cyber Knights will certainly be worth a shot during Next Fest if you’re the kind of player that’s really looking for some complex strategy, strong team building, and lots and lots of stealing.

Go Fight Fantastic

Go Fight Fantastic by Dinomite Games isn’t what you’d consider a proper RPG. It’s an action MOG for up to 3 players, where you’ll hack, slash, and battle monsters fantastically. Go Fight Fantastic features both local and online co-op, and what it lacks in large player numbers per server or complex RPG elements, it makes up for in ridiculously fun co-op action.

The game may not feature a complex array of character customization options, but each of the 4 characters can be upgraded to better fit your play style. That means you have the ability to create some RPG archetypes like healers and DoT DPS characters. There’s plenty of options for the gamer just looking for some fun with their friends. Once you’re done ravaging the story, you can top the leaderboards in the Horde mode. Publisher Kinda Brave intends to launch Go Fight Fantastic later this year, and that’s more than enough of a reason to jump in for some madcap fun during Next Fest.


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