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Eudemons Online Overview

Eudemons OnlineEudemons Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in the mythic fantasy world of Cronus. Players pick from one of 7 classes: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Vampire, Necromancer, Shadow Knight and Elf Ranger; allowing players access to a wealth of skills and unique Eudemons to help on their quest.

Eudemons, as the game is named for, refer to the robust pet system that allows players to hatch, evolve, train, and enter battle with over 100 different Eudemons, bringing up to three into battle at one time.

The game gives experience at lightning speed, making it possible to reach level 20 in only 15 minutes of game play just by grinding some of the low level enemies. One of the other features of Eudemons Online are the PvP mechanics, which span from player vs. player dueling and open world player kill to all-out legion wars and PvP tournaments.

Eudemons Online Key Features

7 Unique Classes – play as seven unique classes, male or female: Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Vampire, Necromancer, Shadow Knight and Elf Ranger.

Eudemon System – collect over 100 unique Eudemons that can be hatched, evolved, leveled, and brought into battle to help as a shield, an attacker, or a support.

Legion Wars and Tournaments – join up with a Legion and partake in the game’s Legion Wars where Legions duke it out for the top ranking, or partake in tournaments to raise your individual rank.

Social Focus – get the aid of a friendly mentor, marry a significant person, and join a Legion of active, similar-minded players.

Experience Skills – on top of regular class skills, every class has an XP skill which allows them to unleash massively destructive attacks once their experience bar fills.

Group Dungeons – join a party of other players and descend into one of the game's many dungeons, offering great reward for those who complete its trials.


  • Mage | Low physical attack and defense, but high magical attack and defense.
  • Paladin | Former mages who gave up their souls in exchange for having both excellent physical and magical powers.
  • Vampire | Known as nobles long, long ago, now called Night Walkers.
  • Warrior | The strongest and most physically powerful class.
  • Necromancer | Switch between Necro and Wizard status, and evade attacks or cast strong spells.

The New Hero: Elf Ranger

Unparalleled super talent- Beauty, agility, slenderness and perseverance. They are the best archers and the most elegant poets.

Character Creation

People in new server can create ranger directly. If you are not in the new server, you should make sure one of character in your account completes the 10th Chapter of main line quest "Battle of Alien Land" and you can create a new class through the Mannequin system!