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    Action MMO
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    Unreal Engine
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    Paddle Creek Games
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Fractured Veil Overview

Fractured Veil is a multiplayer survival game for PC set in Maui 100 years from now after a global apocalypse wipes out civilization. Players will joyfully struggle to organize, survive, and rebuild the fractures to craft a new civilization in a deadly paradise.

As a clone restored from incomplete data in a recently discovered Veilcorp backup system, players find themselves in a future Hawaii ravaged by the fracture and effects of time. Search for food, find clean water to drink, and build shelter in order to survive myriad threats. Dangers include wildlife, mutants, other clones, and lingering environmental effects from the catastrophe 100 years ago.

Group together with other players to explore, share resources, fight powerful foes, and rebuild the world that once was. Autonomous drones patrol the map and stream gameplay 24/7, focusing on a variety of events and filming the action in standard, night-vision, spotlight, and thermal modes. Tune into the drone stream for a unique view of the game in real-time

Harvest materials to craft equipment, gear, and upgradable weapons. Master the construction system to build bases from four different materials, including thatch, wood, stone, and metal. The procedural building, road, and river system, creates unique worlds and environments to explore, as well as dangerous locations for mutants to lurk. A dynamic weather system creates unpredictable hazards while the day/night system breathes life into a map based on real-world topographical data from Maui.


  • Cloud-based AI
  • Hunting and harvesting systems
  • In-game drones powered by machine learning
  • Dozens of items and weapons to craft
  • Player Construction / Base Building
  • Wood, Stone, Iron, Twine and Sulfur resource gathering and refining
  • 64 Square KM Open World
  • Monuments to explore
  • First or Third person combat with Mutants, Animals and other players
  • Party and Friend systems for co-op play
  • Large scale NPC intelligence
  • Dynamic day-night cycle