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Mabinogi Plans an Epic Leap to Unreal Engine 5

As Mabinogi, the long-standing MMORPG, approaches its 19th anniversary, Nexon is looking to breathe new life into its realm.

Magic to Master Developer Threatened Legal Action Against MMO YouTuber Before Finally Admitting To False Copyright Strike

Magic to Master's developer Laniatus threatened legal action against MMO YouTuber Callum Upton based on a video Upton released about the company's Kickstarter campaign. However, since then Laniatus' Kickstarter has crashed to the ground, which may have been caused by a copyright strike they issued against Upton.

The Lord Of The Rings Online Announces Mariner Class; River Hobbits Finally Coming With Update 37

The Lord of the Rings Online hosted a Q&A with executive producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini, where more details about the upcoming expansion set in Umbar including a new class, as well as when players can expect to see River Hobbits make their debut in the MMO.

Valheim Adds 'Hildir's Request' to Public Test Version, With New Content and Custom Difficulty Options

Hildir is here in Valheim. After last week's quality of life and optimization update, Iron Gate is back with some new content-on the Public Test version (for now).

The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Expands Upon Duviri and Delivers a Tragic Hero as 53rd Warframe

Warframe's next big update, The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, is coming on June 21st. Digital Extremes is not just releasing the 53rd Warframe, Kullervo, they're expanding on Duviri lore and their narrative as well.

Black Desert Mobile Everfrost Region and 'Protector' New Guardian Class Coming June 27th

Black Desert Mobile  is getting the new Everfrost region and the Guardian class on June 27th. Look ahead to the upcoming snowy region with in-game events and special previews.

Diablo Immortal Reportedly Made $525 million in First Year

There are some new estimates claiming that Diablo Immortal, which is currently marking its first anniversary with events and new features, raked in over $525 million over its first year. 

Fractured Online Returning for New Playtest Next Week To TestMajor Feature Revamps and Additions

After more than six months of closed development, Fractured Online will hold a new playtest to get feedback on a ton of new features and revamps next week.

New World Details Creation and Mechanics of the Sandwurm Devourer Heartrune

New World's next Heartrune, Devourer, is coming in Season 2, Blood of the Sands and the team is detailing how wielding the sandwurm will work.

Old School RuneScape Details Earning Sailing XP in a Refinement Process Update

Old School RuneScape is working on its first-ever new skill, Sailing, and has an update today about how the refinement process is going.

Neverwinter Super-Sizes the Protector's  Jubilee Event for the Milestone 10th Anniversary

A super-sized Protector's Jubilee with new and returning rewards begins today in Neverwinter to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary.

Albion Online Season 20 Begins Saturday, With Invasion Day for Albion East and West

Season 20 kicks off this weekend for Albion Online, with some new changes to energy, rewards, and details and schedules for Albion East and West.

Magic to Master Sued By Gameforge Over Copyright Infringement Over Alleged Use of Metin2 Assets

The Magic to Master Kickstarter is now on hold after the team behind the project was sued by Gameforge over copyright infringement. 

Amazon Marks Blue Protocol Japanese Launch and Again Confirms PC Closed Beta in 2023

Amazon Games marks Japanese Blue Protocol launch and new class, and confirms PC closed beta this year.

Diablo IV Takes in $666 Million, Reveals Player Stats and Sets Dev 'Campfire Chat' This Friday

Diablo IV had Blizzard's best selling opening in history with a a total of 666 million dollars in global sales through the first five days following the official June 6th launch.