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Black Desert Mobile Everfrost Region and 'Protector' New Guardian Class Coming June 27th

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Black Desert Mobile  is getting the new Everfrost region and the Guardian class on June 27th. Look ahead to the upcoming snowy region with in-game events and special previews.

The Guardian class, “The Mighty Warrior Who Protects Everfrost” is on the way. She wields a battle axe and shield, making for agile combat with heavy strikes. Two of her main abilities involve striking with her axe, with one knocking enemies back and the other dealing damage in a wide range, with optional additional attack. That latter ability, Hellfrost, Good if you are fighting groups, and you can also decide to use some MP to gain limited invincibility during the skill.

Her other two main abilities are Shield Blitz, where she charges enemies,accelerates,and then unleashes a sudden attack when she stops, and Call of the Dragon. Call of the Dragon is a passive skill, so extra strength and regeneration abilities accompany her use of other skills.  Some skills will also give her HP regeneration, and the passive gives increased crit chance, crit damage, and allows a chance to gain Tundra's Fury. That effect can stack up to five times and she can unleash after shocks to continue blowing enemies away.

Pearl Abyss released a short cinematic teaser for the Guardian. She arrives along with the permanent winter region of Everfrost, and the Mountain of Eternal Winter. In that new region you'll be able to find additional new enemies, and lots to explore.

There's a new event going on now through June 26th, right before the update launches, called the Eversnow Valley event. If you are level 70 or above or have a character combat power over 5000, you'll be able to travel and explore the Eversnow valley for 20 minutes. You'll be able to take your crack at defeating monsters in the valley and get a taste of what you can expect when the update arrives in Black Desert Mobile on June 27th. 


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