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The Seven Crimes of Kullervo Expands Upon Duviri and Delivers a Tragic Hero as 53rd Warframe

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Warframe’s next big update, The Seven Crimes of Kullervo, is coming on June 21st. Digital Extremes is not just releasing the 53rd Warframe, Kullervo, they’re expanding on Duviri lore and their narrative as well.

In introducing the update, the team highlighted all of the ways that it expands on The Duviri Paradox, including the addition of the new Executioner’s Infinite prison, the Duviri Undercroft portals with new challenge-offering Tilesets, and more. Yet, the “tragic hero” at the center of it all, and the update’s name, is Kullervo.

The aforementioned prison is where you'll find him in the new story-driven questline. The prison is a fortified dungeon that was originally built to imprison those who defied Dominus Thrax. The once hidden floating island of Duviri will reappear, and if there’s a Sorrow, Anger, or Fear Spiral happening, then you’ll see Kullervo’s Hold and can visit the island. You can do this as a side quest or as part of the new story bounty objectives. Despite these spirals, there is a way to go directly to the hold via a special node in the Duviri star chart.

Kullervo himself will be a mini boss encounter. The team has been clear about this from the start, so it's not that you'll have to face him or defeat him in order to acquire him, it's how he got there and why he's there that you will learn through playing through the new content.

Digital Extremes has been expanding Warframe, including its narrative content,for some time now, and The Seven Crimes of Kullervo continues this. The Duviri Paradox is broadened with the update, Including those aforementioned tile set challenges, with 15 new Decrees, that will let you vary your runs through Duviri. One of them, King's Collateral, doesn't allow revives, but gives you a +200% chance of getting rare decrees. Once you have acquired seven decrees, the Undercroft portals will become accessible. 

If you're looking for something a little more peaceful, there's a new gardening system, this feature is six plants that you can grow and harvest resources from.

Expect the new story, new cosmetics, and of course, a brand new Warframe complete with a lore-rich origin, on June 21st. 


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