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Valheim Adds 'Hildir's Request' to Public Test Version, With New Content and Custom Difficulty Options

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Hildir is here in Valheim. After last week's quality of life and optimization update, Iron Gate is back with some new content–on the Public Test version (for now).

Hildir has arrived, and the merchant brings a load of new cosmetics to get your hands on and a new mission. You'll have to recover her store inventory, and you'll probably get a better idea of what she's all about once you do. Not only does she sell hats, tunics, dresses, and fireworks, there's more to her. You'll be able to acquire components to build a barbershop, which will let you update your character's look when you do. However, the new stuff she brings requires a favor first, hence “Hildir’s Request”. 

In order to get this done, you'll have to gather the items she needs across multiple biomes, so it won't be simple, but if you complete this mission, you'll be able to access some new goodies as well as those new features. As far as customizations, there are new hair and beard styles, crafting extensions, and more.  Your hair and beard will also be visible now when you equip a helmet.

This update also adds custom difficulty level options. Not long ago, the team unveiled their plans to include difficulty levels and customization options and asked the community what they thought and how they should work. 

The current difficulty will be everything you're used to and that will be normal mode. If you switch to hard mode, enemies will have increased HP and will deal more damage. Easy mode will be more accommodating, and will particularly be good if you want to just concentrate on building and leading a quieter adventurer’s life.

This update also adds additional new content, including several new locations (dungeons!)  three new mini bosses, additional quality of life updates, and some fixes.

You can see the full details of the test server update over at Valheim


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