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Mike BC is in Las Vegas, NV where he is a husband, father, minister, and gamer (in that order). Currently, he plays a lot of Elite: Dangerous Odyssey, Fortnite, Fall Guys, and enjoys games on the Nintendo Switch. You can follow him at CMDRErekSprax on Twitch!

October 2019
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April 2023
Star Trek: Resurgence Review

Dramatic Labs released Star Trek: Resurgence, a narrative-driven title set in the Star Trek universe. How does it fare, and should you boldly go ahead and grab this Star Trek title? Here is our review.

Inkbound Early Access Impressions - A Great Little Roguelike

Mike has been playing Inkbound now for a few weeks and has come away from Shiny Shoe's latest offering quite impressed. Check out our full thoughts ahead of Inkbound's early access launch next week.

Five Things That Would Improve The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom  (And Two That Would Be Worse!)

We loved The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but there was room for improvement. So here are five things that Nintendo can do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that would greatly improve the game and two things that would actually make it worse.  

Preview: Inkbound's Story Book World Is An Interesting Hook I Want To Explore More

Written on the pages of every book is a voice to be heard, a story to be told, and a message to be received.  What happens when the voice becomes distorted? What happens when the stories lose their anchor? What happens when the message becomes corrupted?  Shiny Shoe Games, the devs behind Monster Train, explore this very idea in Inkbound.

Have A Nice Death Review - Roguelike In The Afterlife

Being The Grim Reaper is a hard job! Death incarnate has a lot of souls he's responsible for but that's what delegating is for.  Unfortunately, turning death into a fully staffed operation has come with some downsides. Have a Nice Death takes you through the corporate drudgery with Death himself, and what we have is a competent - if a tad too difficult - roguelike. Here's our review.

Elite Dangerous Update 14 is Live After a Slight Delay

Update 14 for Elite Dangerous is now live after a delay, and the features in the new update are significant.

Spaced Out: Elite Dangerous - From The Lobster Nebula

Mike BC is back with another Spaced Out column, talking about the recent Thargoid events in Elite, as well as his own travels across the Milky Way.

Spaced Out: Elite Dangerous - The Thargoid Star

Mike BC takes you through another Commander's journals, this time recounting the Thargoid anomaly seen in the Milky Way this past week.

Elite Dangerous: When Stars Collide - Spaced Out

Mike BC is back with another journal from his time exploring the Milky Way in Elite Dangerous in our column, Spaced Out.

Preview: HUMANKIND's First Expansion, Together We Rule, Is Coming Later This Fall

It's been just over a year since the release of HUMANKIND, the 4X strategy game by Amplitude and SEGA, and the team is gearing up for its first major expansion. We had the chance to learn about Together We Rule last month during a digital press session. Read on to learn more about the expansion set to release later this fall.

Elite Dangerous: The Collection Of Wonders

Mike BC (AKA CMDR Erek Sprax) has been a bit pessimistic about Humanity's chances in Elite Dangerous' latest episode with the Thargoids. So, instead, he set out to explore.

Broken Ranks Review in Progress - A New Take on the MMORPG Formula

In the ever-growing world of MMORPGs, Broken Ranks is a new take on a genre that has been around for a long time.  From the top-down view with cursor-based movement to the turn based quick decision combat, Broken Ranks does a lot of things that aren't typical for the genre while doing a great job maintaining the MMO feel. Broken Ranks does a lot really well but definitely leaves a lot to be desired and only some of it has to do with the attempted innovations.

Century: Age of Ashes Review

Century: Age of Ashes aims to be an aerial arena shooter that sees players fly around on giant dragons. These dogfights can be intense, requiring cunning and strategy to prove victorious. How does it hold up, though? Here's our review.


Strategy games have come a long way, and Amplitude aims to push it further with Humankind, their latest 4X offering. But how does it stack up and does it do anything meaningful to help push the 4X genre along?

Elite Dangerous: A Trip Into Neutral Territory

Mike loves Babylon 5, so he took a moment to do some sci-fi tourism in Elite Dangerous to check out the system where the iconic sci-fi show's epnymously named station was situated - Epsilon III.