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Jason Fanelli is a tried-and-true Philadelphian, having lived in Delaware County for his entire life. He’s a veteran of the games industry, covering it for over a decade with bylines on The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, IGN, and more. He currently hosts the Cheesesteaks and Controllers podcast on iHeartRadio for Fox Sports Radio in Philadelphia.

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Summer Game Fest 2 Preview: Remnant 2 Is A Solid Action RPG With A Mean Streak

Remnant: From The Ashes made a significant splash when it launched in 2018, infusing the action-RPG genre with some extra firepower. The unique take on the whole "Soulsborne" idea was welcomed by fans and critics alike, with its procedurally-generated areas and unique third-person shooter spin on the format. Remnant 2 is building off all of that, from the addition of new procedural elements to a renewed focus on gunplay, and based on my hands-on time with it at Summer Game Fest, I reckon Gunfire

Summer Game Fest 2023: Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Is More Than Just An Excuse To Chill With Idris Elba

At Summer Game fest 2023, Jason had the chance to check out the upcoming expansion for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. Check out our preview from the event.

Convergence: A League Of Legends Story Review

Convergence: A League of Legends Story is the latest title in Riot Games' endeavor to expand the lore and universe of its flagship franchise. How does this new tale stack up? Here is our review.

Side Quests: After Us Review

What comes after humanity? Exploration adventure title After Us aims to give us a bleak hypothesis on exactly what does come after us. Here is our review.

PAX EAST: The Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story Hands-On Preview: Another Great Look At LoL Lore

Few things have made Jason happier in video games the last few years than Riot Games's decision to expand the lore of League Of Legends into other genres. More than a decade's worth of lore and worldbuilding is ripe for the picking, so I imagine Riot and the developers they choose to work with will not be at a loss for ideas. 2021's Ruined King got the ball rolling thanks to Airship Syndicate's turn-based RPG prowess, and now Digital Sun gets a turn with Mageseeker: A League Of Legends Story.

The RPG Files: WrestleQuest Is Every Wrestling Fan's Childhood In RPG Form

Jason is a long-time fan of professional wrestling. Growing up on Macho Man Randy Savage, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and more, Jason has been enthralled with it since a kid. He also loves RPGs, so seeing the two meld into one with WrestleQuest at PAX East last month was a treat.

Interview: After Two Years In Early Access, Everspace 2 Is Cleared For 1.0 Launch

Two years ago, Everspace 2 officially entered Early Access, which gave players an early look into the series's new space exploring approach. With the game's 1.0 launch now here, there's plenty to discuss before we blast off into the unknown for the first time. We spoke with Rockfish Games' Erik Schrader about the 1.0 launch last month at PAX East.

Side Quests: Magic: The Gathering March Of The Machine - Opening Thoughts After Opening Packs

Everspace 2 Review: Blasting Out Of Early Access

Jason goes hands-on with Everspace 2, Rockfish Games' second entry in its sci-fi space shooter franchise, putting the newly out of early access title through its paces. How does it fare? Check out our review.

To Infinity And Beyond: Artix Entertainment's Adam Bohn Talks 20 Years Of AdventureQuest

After 20 years, AdventureQuest is still updating and growing. We talked to Artix Entertainment's Adam Bohn about two decades of the franchise, memorable moments, and the future.

Side Quests: One Man's Journey Into ONE: A Magic The Gathering Pre-Release Event Story

Jason takes us through his personal relationship with Magic The Gathering, culminating in the recent release of the newest set: Phyrexia All Will Be One in this latest edition of Side Quests.

The RPG Files: Fire Emblem Engage Review

The latest Fire Emblem was released on Switch a few weeks back, and Jason has been putting it through its paces. But just how engaging is Fire Emblem Engage?

Side Quests: Arcade1Up's CES 2023 Lineup Points To A New Future Of Deluxe Affordability - Interview

The new Deluxe cabinets - combined with the Infinity Game Board - signal an effort by the A1Up team to get price points down while keep the quality clear.

The 10 Best Cross-Platform MMOs To Play In 2023

Whether on PC, mobile or console, MMO fans are everywhere. Here are 10 games that can be played and enjoyed across multiple platforms, be it PC, console, or even mobile devices. 

The List: 10 Best Sci-Fi MMOs To Play In 2023

MMOs are not lacking in space-themed adventures, but a few continue to stand out above the rest as worthy of your time and money. These are the 10 best sci-fi themed MMOs to pick up in the coming year.