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Victoria is a FFXIV player who's been writing about games for over seven years, including formerly regularly for Polygon and Fanbyte, and also spent some time in The Secret World, mostly roleplaying. You can find her head-deep in roleplay campaigns on Balmung, or on the ground after hyperfocusing on her Black Mage rotation. Come visit her estate: Diabolos (Crystal DC), Goblet, Ward 4, Plot 28.

December 2014
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June 2023
Embody Immerse Gamepack FFXIV Impressions

With the launch of Endwalker in late 2021 also came a slew of exciting other additions to Final Fantasy XIV. One of the most hyped-up ones of the team was the release of this game's edition of the Immerse Gamepack, a sound-enhancing software that promised accessible surround-sound output. We put it through its paces to see if it was worth the hassle.

Final Fantasy 14's Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne First Look

A new wave of content patches arrives with a new story and a new raid. Is it worth chasing the throne of Golbez?

Opinion: Kill The Big Game

The triple-A game was once the darling of the industry. Now, they bring their developers and players anxiety. It's time to bring them down to size.

Waven Preview -  A Delightfully Cheery Take On A Deckbuilding Mobile MMORPG

It's not essential to know that Waven is in the same universe as some of Ankama's other hit games such as Wakfu and Dofus. But if you loved those games, Ankama's upcoming game, Waven, will absolutely pique your interest. 

FFXIV Guide to Black Mage For Hot/Cool Babes -- Part 2: Movement

Having trouble getting around as a Black Mage? Victoria, the resident Black Mage player, goes over movement tricks to practice.

SIHOO M18 Classic Office Chair Review

Looking to swap your gaming chair for something more ergonomic? The SIHOO M18 Classic comes in with an affordable price and good build quality. At $199.99, is it worth upgrading to? Find out in this review!

How To Get Into Final Fantasy 14's Extreme, Savage, and Ultimate Raiding

High-difficulty endgame content of FFXIV is tantalizing to those who want a new challenge--go forth with confidence!

Final Fantasy 14 Endgame: What to Do After the Story

Once you beat the FFXIV main story, there's plenty to explore in the endgame. We go over the top activities to try, from your standard raids to gameplay bingo.

How To Do Your First Multiplayer Final Fantasy 14 Dungeon, Trial or Raid

Despite efforts to ramp up solo player capabilities, FFXIV is an MMORPG, which means many duties require other players to join. We have some tips to help you prepare!

Should I Try (Or Return To) Final Fantasy 14 in 2023?

All eyes have been on FFXIV the past few years, but a new MMORPG can be intimidating. We go over what to keep in mind if you're looking to dive in!

As An Ex-MOBA Addict, FFXIV's Crystalline Conflict Is Great

Finally, after warding off PvP addiction, columnist Victoria is hooked on Crystalline Conflict. But why now, and why is it actually good?

Final Fantasy 6.3: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble Impressions

With new FFXIV MSQ chugging along and tons of side content to delve into, is patch 6.3 a good time to delve back into the critically-acclaimed MMORPG?

Nine New Year's Resolutions in Final Fantasy 14 to Tackle in 2023

Despite playing for over three years, there's a ton for our columnist Victoria to do in FFXIV-here's what she's hoping to tackle in the new year.

Final Fantasy XIV 2022 In Review

After the infamous launch of Endwalker last year, we review the moments that defined FFXIV in 2022.

Ten Creepy Things In Final Fantasy 14 You'll Find Year-Round

The Halloween quests are always a delight, but even outside of this season, there's plenty of spooky stuff to be found in FFXIV.