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Blade & Soul Code Giveaway!

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NCSoft and MMORPG.com have teamed up to give away 40 codes giving in-game items to celebrate the launch of the Musician class! 

Each code (valued at $25) contains the following and is geared towards support players in general:

  • Pet Pack (x3)
  • Sacred Vial (x1)
  • Fusion Stone (x5)
  • Magnificent Reputation Charm (x1)
  • Sparkling Hongmoon XP Charm (x1)
  • Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest (x1)
  • Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest (x2)
  • Sterling Scale Fragment (x2)

About Blade & Soul:

Blade & Soul is a free-to-play MMO blending martial arts and mythology that recently released its 15th player class to the game, the Musician, in the free Blade & Soul: Symphony of Destruction update, which is now available to all players.

The Musician Player class – As the 15th class to be added to Blade & Soul, the Musician plays a unique role of both damage dealer and party support. Using a harp as their weapon, the Musician channels their music into power effects – from damaging note projectiles to melodic shields, and harmonies as party buffs, the Musician offers players a unique solo and party experience. Players who master the combat rotations will unlock a skill- and stance-switching champion that excels at lifting their own spirits as well as their party’s. And of course, what musician couldn’t resist the spotlight. The Performance stance will let players compose music in the game with a 24 musical note selection to keep downtime lively.

Players can Keep up with the latest Blade & Soul news or play for free by visiting bladeandsoul.com.

Here are the winners in our Blade & Soul Code Giveaway!

# Prize Winner Confirmed
1 BNS actionthunder Yes
2 BNS aelyta01 Yes
3 BNS Akeanide Yes
4 BNS andrew_lee Yes
5 BNS araxas-1 Yes
6 BNS Beerninja Yes
7 BNS CoR3y83 Yes
8 BNS dcindrick Yes
9 BNS Dekahn Yes
10 BNS Evekamite Yes
11 BNS fly336 Yes
12 BNS Fractales128 Yes
13 BNS gogago Yes
14 BNS Gr8LiOnX Yes
15 BNS Hookai Yes
16 BNS jeff7360 Yes
17 BNS jhuang9 Yes
18 BNS jila98 Yes
19 BNS Ken1up10 Yes
20 BNS koldmiser Yes
21 BNS lemyst Yes
22 BNS LisoT75Aa Yes
23 BNS miriajne Yes
24 BNS MomenFox Yes
25 BNS Neonarco Yes
26 BNS NicoRin1 Yes
27 BNS oshgosh Yes
28 BNS pineal Yes
29 BNS purelilith Yes
30 BNS RinDman Yes
31 BNS Riziera Yes
33 BNS s3rg3ysh Yes
34 BNS Sahphyr Yes
35 BNS Sepal76 Yes
36 BNS ShadowCryptic Yes
37 BNS spaztico Yes
38 BNS yphanh2002 Yes
39 BNS zacho56 Yes
40 BNS Zelinator Yes

Congratulations to all of our winners!