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Tarisland Showcases Its Upcoming High Elf Mage Class Ahead Of June 27th Closed Beta

Tarisland is gearing up for its closed beta on the 27th by giving a glimpse at one of the classes you'll be able to play in the MMORPG. The High Elf Mage class was given a brief story video, which also might have created more questions than answers.

Summer Game Fest 2023: Path of Exile 2 Teases Gameplay With More Coming During ExileCon

Path of Exile 2 made an appearance at Summer Game Fest today, showing off some new gameplay in a teaser trailer from Grinding Gear Games.

EVE Online's Upwell Structures Are Getting More Personal In Viridian Expansion

EVE Online is continuing its push towards its first of two expansions this year, Viridian, which is out later this month. This time the CCP Games team is showcasing some ways in which Upwell Structures are getting a little more personal with some more customization options.

EVE Online's New Lancer Tech II Dreadnoughts Bring A Powerful AOE Punch To New Eden, Coming With Viridian Expansion

EVE Online debuted new Tech II Dreadnoughts today, which were hinted at by Hilmar during the anniversary stream earlier this month. The new Lancers bring a powerful AOE attack to EVE Battlefields, aiming to shake up capital combat in the spaceship MMO.

EVE Online's Viridian Update Brings More Visual Improvments To Its Internet Spaceships

EVE Online continues to improve the visuals of its game, with the EVE Evolved initiative still in full swing. Viridian, the upcoming expansion hitting the space MMO next month, sees more of these improvements, from volumetric nebula clouds to visual upgrades across ships.

Tarisland Drops A New Trailer And Will Have Full Cross Play Between Mobile And PC When It Launches Later This Year

Tarisland, the upcoming MMORPG from Tencent, dropped a trailer this morning as well as released some new information about the upcoming game, which is launching on PC and Mobile globally this year.

Black Desert's Latest Land of the Morning Light Trailer Focuses On The Darkness You'll Fight

Black Desert is ramping up the hype as it inches closer to its June launch of the Land of the Morning Light expansion, this time with a trailer focusing on the darkness players will encounter.

Redfall Drops Official Launch Trailer And PC Requirements Ahead Of Next Week's Launch

Arkane's upcoming co-op shooter Redfall is fast approaching and the team released its latest trailer celebrating the launch next week. Additionally, we finally have full PC requirements for those looking to take on the Vampires on your fully-tricked out rigs.

World of Tanks Brings Warhammer 40K Tanks To The Fight In Latest Crossover Event

A cosmic conflict is taking over the battlefields of World of Tanks Modern Armor, as a new crossover event brings tanks inspired by the Warhammer 40K universe to the fray.

Indie Sandbox MMO Ethyrial: Echoes Of Yore Launches May 1st

Indie sandbox MMO Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore has been heading towards launch, and now an official date has been locked down. Players can dive into the sandbox on May 1st as it launches on PC via Steam.

Warframe's The Duviri Paradox Is Releasing April 26th

The Duviri Paradox, Warframe's highly anticipated and long-awaited update, will finally release this month. This morning, Digital Extremes announced it would be bringing The Duviri Paradox to all platforms on April 26th.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Gets Final Gameplay Trailer Showing Off Some Of Cal's New Moves

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is in the home stretch before its global launch on April 28th, and during the Star Wars Celebration over the weekend, Respawn Entertainment released the final gameplay trailer for the upcoming RPG.

Overwatch 2's Next Support Hero, Lifeweaver, Debuted Today, Coming With Season 4

Overwatch 2 unveiled its next hero coming to the free-to-play multiplayer hero shooter today. Lifeweaver, a new support hero, is coming with Season 4, and aims to keep allies upright throughout those long, drawn out fights over a payload.

Magic The Gathering's March of the Machines Debuts New Battle Card Type Coming With New Set

Magic the Gathering's climactic battle for the Multiverse comes to a head as the inhabitants of the various planes take the fight to Elesh Norn and her Phyrexian hordes. The newest set, March of the Machines, aims to convey this epic struggle through a new card type - and mechanic not seen before in Magic's history: Battle.

Embers Adrift Wants You to Beware of 'The Threat of Grimstone' in New Update Trailer

Stormhaven Studios, the plucky indie studio behind Embers Adrift, has just released a brand new trailer for the next update headed to the game, The Threat of Grimstone.