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Tarisland Showcases Its Upcoming High Elf Mage Class Ahead Of June 27th Closed Beta

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Tarisland Showcases Its Upcoming High Elf Mage Class Ahead Of June 27th Closed Beta

Tarisland is gearing up for its closed beta on the 27th by giving a glimpse at one of the classes you'll be able to play in the MMORPG. The High Elf Mage class was given a brief story video, which also might have created more questions than answers.

The upcoming MMORPG has been slowly pulling the curtain back on the world and the people that inhabit it in Tarisland, and the latest video starts out with a brief recap of the High Elven race. The High Elves themselves are a tragic race, who saw their planet destroyed by Asheron, the God of Disaster. Shepherded by the God of Destiny to Tarisland, the most recent video talks about what the Elves did when they got there, comnig out of their forests and weilding the powers of the elemental world.

The trailer, whose voice over sounds like a dispassionate AI, highlights some of the skills of the Mage, notably being able to summon Fire to damage, while Ice is used to freeze and stun enemies - sounds like crowd control here. The trailer also shows the ranged combat of the Mage, including how it can protect itself by warping out of danger while an enemy winds up its attack.

Tying the class video to the history of the High Elves though does invite the question of whether classes will be race-locked. With Eastern MMOs having a history of gender-locking classes as well, that question remains here too. Will we see more variety here, or does Tencent plan to restrict player creativity when building their character? We'll definitely see when the Closed Beta arrives on June 27th.


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